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35254 Ehanson

vi est ne tot horoshiy klinik vi obmanivat ya skazat vsem esli vi ne prekratite rabotu ya vzlomat vash site....i vi ne smogete...bolshe delat gadosti...(suki)? u menya est naniti...vashi pochka otvalitcya....

44949 a shto esli u menya pilonefrit?

39141 Zdraste!u menya est skolko pokupayte dengi srochno nujne

34750 Is this site a joke, the horrible spelling, grammar, etc. makes it look so! I "ve been certified healthy enough to donate any of my organs yet your site says no! I take it this is an Israeli site so, well I "m still interested as long as the money "s right. And please redesign your site... IT "S CRAP! Best, P


41682 delo vtom shto ia zdorov a vashi testi eto fuuu nu a pomoshi nejdat ot vas vaaabshi nu vi ponemaite ochom ia.

41901 vash test vsigda odno i toje gavarit shto eto ne vazmojno pachimu

31087 Ja zdorov, no vash test pishet chto sostojanie zdorovja neudovletvoritel "noe, kak by prodat " pocku?


41227 Hey Ant. Turk need "s some new "pochka ",and yours is gonna look perfect for him..please... help

41123 srochno prodoyotsa pochka, bivshevo sportsmena

33478 blad kakovo hera maja pochka ne prigodna ?

36147 skolko budit stoit pochka xachy pradat

33168 Vi, konchanie urodi i vot eto ebalo, ulibajuscheesja s ekrana, tak zhe, kak i te shto na zadnem plane i vse vi vmeste vzjatie, i vashi deti i semji zdohnite ot svoego cinizma! Urodi, tvari i ubljudki!

39232 esli ya prodam pochku ya budu jit?

45442 srochna nujni dengi. esli eto realno to pradam pochku. zdarov kak bik.

36131 Zdrastvuyte. Ya pishu vam iz Azerbaydjana. U menya toje problemi s denqami. Krizisss.... Kriziss... Kak ya moqu prodat svoyu pochku? Mojete pomoch???

46847 Zdrastvuyte! Kak mne prodat pochki esli ya naxojus v gruzii i ne moqu poexat v rossiyu?

45614 esli ia segodnia reshil pradat pochku,kak dolgo budit dlitsia proses?(orintirovochno)

36576 Why does your site suck so much ass?

34735 This site is so funny! Thanks!!!

47401 Why do you cocksuckers have this web site?

47918 can i sell my kidney through this site? and for how much?

34729 you can actually sell a kideny on this web site, how much does one go for?

35880 You crack me up very funny site

42366 How do I contact you their is not information on your site.

34903 is this site legit or am i gonna die

47780 is this site for real? or is it just a funny joke?

43629 is this site really a joke?? i was really serious!! contact me soon please so i can goto Bed Thank YOU

46609 I would like to know if could sell one of my kidneys,or if im even on the correct site for that?

46299 i would like to sell my kidney,how can i register to your site.

46298 No contacxct nos on site t sell a kidney

45079 how to be a member of this site?? im selling my kidney

37060 how can i have a contact to any one in this site who can help me sell my kidney?

34783 i couldnt stop laughing when i saw this site. is this for real?

33666 Hilarious site i was just curious if there was anywhere in the world that did this hahaha

34578 You are a faggot. Who would make a fake site? Please go fuck yourself.

32900 I am in perfect health, but your test said otherwise. Is this site for real?

43673 get rid of this site, its not fair to trick poor peoplle like this.

37269 im in perfect health and ur site tells me im unsatisfactory???

48342 hi i have a friend that ask me if i know how he could sell hiz kidney so i searched the web and found this site

37226 the test does not work can u fix it ? i do everything right and still am not healthy ?? im sure its perhaps something wrong with the site ore so !! diane

45726 Hello fellow... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis! Please visit this web site , here is the solution for your problems.

48424 Just need more info on how to sell a kidney for cash and how much it is worth, Why doesn "t your site show this?? Regards Ste

44999 is THIS Web-site FOR REAL! as I m currently thinking of selling a Kidney? I "m in terrible financial trouble! Thanks W

34378 Every way I take the test being honest or lying. The outcome is the same Im not healthy enough. Your questions are bull crap and I think your site is too.

34101 i answered truthfully and gave great answers because i am a healthy guy but your site stated i was unsatisfactory

48627 nice site was a good laugh to see it. did ur test for fun, funny lol i didnt survive the op im dead ;) xx

33489 this isnt a real site is it? i have tried the online test and put every good result on there and have been declined everytime

44590 go fuck yerself im broke and my family is starving and you make a fake web site you worthless piece of shit i think your worse than a child molester you fuckin nigger

32202 Is this for real? I am in financial trouble and the thought has occurred to me and while surfing for information on how to donate a kidney I found your site. If this is for real then I am on board.

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