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34097 Keri

How safe is this? And how much time do you have to take off work? Also where is it done, can it be done near me?

36176 How does this program work? I would like to sell mine, if its safe and goes to someone who needs it

34856 I did the test and I am in good health and your test declined me.I dont drink use drugs have any deseases and smoke cigerets from time to time but thats all why?

33235 is ti safe

36909 is this safe?

47220 is it safe?

44251 how safe is this

34131 I live in America, how safe is this?

33786 i want to sell a kidney is it safe

44385 Is it safe? Whats the process?

35105 hello how can you sell your kidney? where? and, is it safe?

36875 how can i sell my kidney i need money and how much?is that safe for me

44344 Can sell kidney in a safe atmosphere?

39912 Hi my blood type is O- and is this safe. what would my kindney be wroth too?

31995 IS it true that living with only one kidney is totally safe?

45981 can a man live life safe fully by one kidney.

36337 How do I kind of Doctor safe enough to take mine? I need the money, but I want someone I can trust...

47589 How safe is the procedure, and how do I know that your business is legit and performed by professional doctors

47827 Rehab time

33214 what is the recovery time.

37196 how long is the recovery time?

46791 age limit? recuperation time

47830 i want to sell my kidney,how where and time?

42043 Hello. The above is my e-mail. I "m in South Africa. Young, healthy and white. I "m in desperate need of money. What can I get for my kidney and is it safe?

41094 i am in time of crisis so that why i sell my kidney

33386 Where is this done, is there any cost to the giver and how long is the down time?

46053 how much time you spend in your life with one kidney


33177 i have done the test but evry time it replys cant do it why?

36812 how long is recovery time and how large

48218 i see its a joke, you should spend your time more proctively moron

33469 how does it work

33374 how does this work

33373 hi how does this work ?

34151 How does this work?

46039 Really? How does this work?

38080 this work at all?

44612 How does it work?

38252 When can this procedure be done and is it in the United States? how long does it take? How much recovery time do I need?

35097 how does this whole thing work/

48220 I would like to help someone who needs a kidney how does it work?

35096 how does this whole thing work?

37115 How does it work and how long does it take

37153 need cash how does this work


37185 let "s get started how does it work

34123 hi i have make test but all time failed. maybe i dont understand the question

38992 i am very healthy almost never sick and u told me that im not a good donor at this time what the hell

35176 what are you talking about unsatisfactory? i rarely smoke, eat healthy almost all the time and have had no diseases.

45619 I want to sell my kidney, how does this work?

45637 How does it work when you are from another country and is there a possibility that i I can die?

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Domain for sold, aganeiro(at)google mail