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33948 Alisa Murdoch

My mother is in need of a kidney and im wondering how this all works? Can i donate to someone im compatable with in return for a kidney that is a match for her?

36264 how does this selling of kidney works

43205 I "m from the netherlands and want to sell my kidney. how do it works?

38110 i want to sell my much i shall get back in return

33261 Where can I sell a healthy kidney to obtain the best net return?

31976 i was wondering if i sell my kidney can i keep it after??

37114 Can you tell me where does the kidney removal operation take place, is it in the USA, and if so do you cover return airfare, and hospital bills?

33128 i would love to help some one and donate a kidney. they must donate a sum on cash money.

33511 hello, im wondering how i would go about selling my kidney as im in a serious amount of debt?

47524 Hi, i "m currently living in Scotland and was wondering how to sell a kidney?

44114 Hi I "m in England and wondering . I want to sell my kidney can you do it here and how well I get payed

46028 i want to sell my one side kidney to meet the urgency of funds to fullfill the dreams of my old father and mother. I know that with their short time of life it is not possible to fulfill their last wishes .please help me .

46941 hello, i was wondering if it is illegal to sell a kidney in the us how do you do it legally? i dont want to be put in jail for this.

37582 how i can donate kidney? Which are the hospitals in maharashtra from where i can get the information of cost of kidney, any problem to human if he is having one kidney??

36500 hi i was wondering how perfect you have to be to sell a kidney because im really healthy in good shap and they r telling me im not a fit

44427 Do you have facility to donate the kidney? My brother-in-law has to go under kidney transplantation and we need Kidney. PLease advice or suggest! Thanks

37422 My mother has liver cancer and is in desperate need of a liver transplant, can i make some sort of "trade " and give a kidney for the opportunity to get her the treatment she needs?

35167 HI i was wondering if as a Canadian i can sell one of my kidney ? I also would like to know what "s the process and how long it usually takes to get things started Thank you Nicolas Meunier

46980 how many years I can live with one kidney if I donate one kidney

32715 I want to "donate " one kidney. What do I do?

33399 What do I do that I could donate a kidney?

38048 i want donate a kidney for money, can u help me?

43969 that the ideal age to donate kidney

37427 can i donate my kidney for money

34979 Does it cost for me to donate my kidney?

35750 I would like to donate my kidney to someone who can help me pay off my debts, is it possible??

46168 I would like to donate my kidney for money? How much I can get?

45154 i want to donate my kidney for money what i want to do

45720 i want to donate a kidney, do you are intersesting?

34379 i would like to donate a kidney for money

43545 My friend would like to donate a kidney.

48426 How do I donate a kidney for cash?

38399 what minimum age for donate kidney

33015 how much money u want to donate for my kidney

48398 what are the criteria "s to donate a kidney?

43335 I want to donate kidney. I am in Cambridge, UK. How and where I can do so?

46797 I have a-negative blood and i want to donate my kidney what can i do

48438 i wants to donate my kidney will i face any problems while doing sex?

46415 I want to donate a kidney for reasonable compensation. what do I need to do?

32856 how is the body effected when you donate a kidney?

45241 I have many partners, who can invite to donate his kidney ... Where do I like

47469 hwo can i over come the crisis i am fit and healthy and willing to donate my kidney.

36907 what are health conditions to donate kidney

37294 hi i am sonal and i am donate my one kidney plz hellp me.

35924 i am a fit boy i have no disease and no problem to donate kidney.

35838 i want to donate kidney for a reasonable price!! how do i do that..

40088 Can I really donate a kidney and make money?

47177 I have decided to donate a kidney for a gift. How can I go about it?

34073 i would like to donate a kidney but i live in kenya how can i really do that?

44170 i pass the test how do i donate a kidney

43684 hi, i would like to donate my kidney due to financial crisis. will you please help me out?

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