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32760 gary

i am at a very difficult part in my life,out of do i get started

46869 Can you live a healthy life with only one kidney. I "m in desperation but if my kidney could save another human being. What is the problems you can encount in selling your own organ part is your body for god sakes. Is no one business what you do with it.

33820 How difficult is it to sell a kidney?

38027 can i part exchange my knackered eyes for new ones?

48237 i want to sell one part of my kidney so that i can go to school

33344 What is the process ? What are the payment options ? Where is the surgery going to be done ?

46493 i live in the UK will i still be able to take part in the transplant scheme

35429 if i sell a kidney, how will it affect my life as in going to the gym and doing the normal things i do. Will i be able to live a normal athletic life?

34381 I would like to give my weakest kidney if there is one thats weaker than the other to Grizz Chapman, but I would want one million dollars cash for haveing to live the rest of my life on one kidney, call it a donation for my life , I am type O

36765 i have tryed all options and never pass the test i think its rigged go fuck yourself

37594 I have some large bills and would like to sell a body part to pay them off. Most reasonable one I think is a kidney. How can I do this?

46914 Your test says that my health characteristics are unsatisfactory no matter what options are entered ... I think its broken

46147 Why do you say I "m unhealthy when I clicked all the healthiest options? How can I be any healthier? My blood test is perfect.

32756 the question where it says have you ever survived a major operation, n the options are yes and no, how is that meant to work? if you answer no means your dead, what if u havnt have any operatiosn?

38344 What are the steps for getting started?

37185 let "s get started how does it work

38623 I want to sell my kidney. How do I get started?

38037 how much will this procedure cost me? how do I get started?

33519 What are the risks involved? How do I get started?

35725 how do u get started and is it tax free money

47862 How do I get started if I want to sell my kidney?

32075 how do i get started to sell a kidney

37197 how do i get started in selling my kidney

43882 I "m interested in selling what do i need to do to get started

37685 How do I get started? The crisis is taking place, I need help.

42633 how do I get this started? I want to sell my kidney asap

39442 how do i get started with selling my kidney. I am a verry healthy person

37475 I am interested in selling my kidney what are the steps? is the legal ? What do you need from me to get started?

42952 How do i know this is for real. I neeed the money and am willing to sell my kidney ASAP How do we get started>

43883 I am interested in signing up. What do i need to do to get started. please contact meHello fellow... I know how to help you to overcome the crisis!

35167 HI i was wondering if as a Canadian i can sell one of my kidney ? I also would like to know what "s the process and how long it usually takes to get things started Thank you Nicolas Meunier

34655 what are the changes in quality of life for the doner

34324 how would lhis efect my life after selling it

43194 i want to sell my kidney too save a life.

46800 what is the telefone number of life line

32001 can i live a normal life with one kidney?

46590 could you live a normal life with one kidney..

46053 how much time you spend in your life with one kidney

46101 Can I sell my kidney as soon as possible for my daughter "s life ?

37715 how can i sell my one kidney and what would be it effect on my life

34157 do i live my life with one kidney easily?

37579 want to se my kidney to save a life asap.

37031 can i live normal life with one kidney

34658 will you lead a good life with one kidney

37917 i would like to sell my kidney will it effect my life

39446 Can you live a normal life with one kidney

45981 can a man live life safe fully by one kidney.

46158 Can you really live a full and health life with just one kidney?

48362 hello. im interested of this because of family crisis and i know i can help someone to prolong his?her life..

44172 Can i live a normal life in aonly one kidney

45765 I need to sell my kidney to pay off debts and i will also save a life How do i go about it

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