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Considering rules of WHO and Russian Federation laws
  1. Organs can be withdrawn from a living donor in case when he/she is a close relative to the patient who is in need of these organs.
  2. Body or body parts can’t be objects of commerce. Getting or giving money for organs is forbidden in compliance with the Law.
  3. Doctors or any other medical stuff should not participate in any transplantation surgeries if they have reason to think that these organs can be objects of commerce.
  4. Information about transplantology patients is private.

Withdrawing of organs for transplantation is out of law.

Transplantation is illegal in Russian Federation and in most of other countries. So,

Withdrawing of organs from your body is an illegal operation.

This site is a joke!

You’ve been played a trick.

This site is a kind of black humour. We don't provide any services related to organ transplantation.

We just want to draw attention to the problem of the illegal organ withdrawing. We hope that the future medicine will be able to cultivate in laboratory environment any organ for every patient who needs transplantation.

Be aware of any kind of fraud. Don't participate in any commerce with transplantation, because you can lose you health and live.

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